Garden Tillers

Garden Tillers are versatile machines suitable for all year use in flower beds and gardens. Applications include tilling the round for spring planting, cultivating the soil around growing plants, fall planting and power composting. Tillers can also shred crop residue and mix nutrient-rich organics into the seedbed to optimize growth.

Suburban Mid-Tine Tiller
Rental Cost: Half Day: $35
Day: $60
Weekend: $90
Week: $250

  • Engine: 163 cc
  • Tines: Slasher
  • Tilling Depth: 12"
  • Tilling Width: 14", 26", or 37"
  • Drag Bar: Adjustable
  • Hitch: Cast iron
  • Start: Manual
  • Weight: 143lbs

  • Available for pick-up at the Get-it-Done/FunStuf Rentals Superstore

    All landscape equipment rentals are to be brought back by time indicated on contract. If you need additional time to complete your project, additional full day rentals will be charged.