Aerators are utilized to reduce soil compaction on lawns, promoting the growth of healthy root systems. Soil compaction prevents the flow of vital nutrients through the soil. Aerators utilize evenly spaced coring tines to remove tiny cores of turf, opening up the soil for improved air exchanged and the flow of water, fertilizer and other nutrients.

  1. Compacted soil prevents grass from establishing a healthy root system.
  2. Aeration relieves soil compaction by pulling cores of soil up to 3" in depth.
  3. Once the soil is aerated, air exchange will improve and the soil can easily absorb water, fertilizer, and other nutrients.
  4. Aeration promotes deeper root growth for a lush, healthy, and drought-resistant lawn.

Billy Goat 19" Core Aerator
Rental Cost: Half Day: $35
Day: $65
Weekend: $100
Week: $340

Specifications: • Engine: 118cc Honda
• Tines: 24
• Tine Pattern 4.5” x 7”
• Weight: 242lbs (Dry)
• Coring Tines: .625” x 2.5”

Available for pick-up at the Get-it-Done/FunStuf Rentals Superstore

All landscape equipment rentals are to be brought back by time indicated on contract. If you need additional time to complete your project, additional full day rentals will be charged.